SmartSanitizer Pro

When the world is in crisis or you just want to be as hygienic as possible, SmartSanitizer Pro just might be the thing to save your life. More effective than a lot of the competition.


A convenient, easy to use system that kills bacteria before it can do any harm. When you need to ensure you and your loved ones are safe, GermCide X can keep every item clean.


A portable bacteria killing robot that uses UV-C rays to eliminate 99% of germs and bacterias in the fastest and most efficient way. Its allows you to carry it along whenever you wish.

MemorySafe X

A Mobile version of the legendary Photostick! Simple and easy to use! You are just one plug away to backup and secure all your media files from your SmartPhone.

Wireless Charger

One charging pad to conquer them all! Simply put down your phone on the surface and let it charges, works with all phones supporting wireless charging.

WIFI UltraBoost

A stronger and more stable connections. You can connect anytime, anywhere in the house easily. Specially eliminates connectivity problems in “dead” areas.

DroneX Pro

The Revolutionary DroneX Pro Will Help You Take The Best Selfies And Videos Of Your Life. It is an enhanced version of DroneX, new design, higher performance, better fine tuned control and now shipped with a remote.

TVShare Max

An extra small HD screen sharing device! Easy to Use! Simple Setup! Works with both iOS and Android device. The TVShare Max allows you to stream ANYTHING over an Internet connection and watch everything normally on your TV.

Keyless PRO

Imagine having a full size keyboard that fits into your pocket. Keyless Pro is a virtual laser keyboard, it connects to any device via Bluetooth, transform your Smartphone into a computer, allowing keyboard input anywhere.


Smarter and more convenient life. HomeNETIX transform your Smartphone into an Intelligent Home Control Centre, turns your basic home appliances into smart devices.


A potentially life-saving product, SmokeSOS is an advanced smoke detector that protect your house and family with this 24/7 Fire Agent with 10 Years Battery.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker

You can sleep easy at night as knowing that where you left your car exactly. iTrack GPS Car Tracker is definitely one of the most excellent small GPS tracker for car.

Smart Car

Are you frustrated because you can’t work out what’s wrong with your car anymore? SmartCar is the device for you to take back your control and you don’t have to be a mechanic either.

Android 360 Camera

Due to our forever upgrading technology, now you can share every moment of your life without losing a single bit of sharpness, quality or color. A 360° virtual reality world in your pocket!


A great choice for hikers, adventurers or constructor who need a pretty much unbreakable phone. Swim, climb, and go to the beach without worrying about it affecting phone performance.


Upgrade your TV to a new world of Content and Entertainment with AndroidTV which is can access the Google Play app store. Watch TV shows and movies, browse webpages, photos, or play Android games with your family and friends.


NanoSecure is the world’s fastest Fingerprint Recognition Technology. The unique fingerprint that belongs to you cannot be forged meaning NanoSecure is the best way of keeping your files away from the hands of thieves.

SpatialSound Edge

The world’s best powerful Vibration Speaker, it transforms the surfaces where it is placed into sound sources. The music doesn’t come from a precise point, rather, it spreads into the environment evenly.

ZoomShot Pro

Boost your very own phone’s camera, breath-taking shots from your smart phone, powerful magnification, up to 100 times optical. Forget expensive Lenses, and try this new Monocular Zoom Camera Shot Booster.

PrintX Pro

A portable bluetooth thermal printer- bring your digital memories into life. No need to visit any store for print out when the same thing could be done at your home with this device. No hard work required to connect or make it work.

XPRO Drone

The answer to your need for a drone by a 4K HD adjustable camera with real-time image transmission that gives you value for money. One button return capabilities & never lose your drone with self return on battery low.

Video DoorBell

See, Hear and Speak to any visitors at your door from anywhere. You monitor your property and check on your home at anytime with smart “Security Motion Detection” alert your phone .


The ideal tool for Streamers and Vloggers. Create beautiful sweeping shots, design perfectly-framed imagery and style your videography to your tastes. The benefits don’t stop there!

SelfCam Pro

Useful for people who create content using their smartphones or have to take pictures from a wider angle. This is a 2 in 1 device that helps in many ways to get better quality pictures & videos.

LiveGuard Pro

A camera that combines the benefits of both A LED light Bulb and 360-degree security camera into one cool electronic gadget. It’s the best tool for protecting your property.


A smart home security system. HomePolice is your most loyal doorman, monitor the status of doors/windows 7×24 hours. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected.


Color every moment of your life, easy to be controlled by a smartphone app. Allows you to have complete control over your lighting at the touch of a button or voice, anywhere, anytime!

Explore AIR

Capture every memory with Ultra-wide angle camera 120° and quality build structure with shock-proof technology and long flight time rated 12-15 minutes with one single charge

RealAction Pro

A waterproof action camera for an excellent picture quality with 4K support. Great product to outdoor activity, adventure, exploring, general sports and water sports.

AudioHall Pro

The wireless earbud for a range of uses, such as listening to music, audiobooks, streaming digital podcasts, and making calls while keeping their hands free with a fast-charging capability.