The ideal tool for Streamers and Vloggers. Create beautiful sweeping shots, design perfectly-framed imagery and style your videography to your tastes with the help of this handy piece of kit, and the benefits don’t stop there.

ActivBeat 2.0

A high-quality headphones, ActivBeat 2.0 are not only noise-canceling but produce some of the best sounds you can find in headphones. With the latest features for noise-canceling, nothing will interrupt your day except turning them off.


If you’re looking for a smartwatch that can be mistaken for an Apple watch because of that, then this is the right fit for you! Its features mean that it will help you organize your day, track your health, and do it all while listening to music!


Say goodbye to the water wastage and extra bill. Save your money easily with this latest gadget named EcoTouch. The sensor works like a charm and don’t let any wastage. This is the fastest way to improve the efficiency of your taps.


Color every moment of your life, easy to be controlled by a smartphone app. SmartLight allows you to have complete control over your lighting at the touch of a button or voice, anywhere, anytime!

Video DoorBell

See, Hear and Speak to any visitors at your door from anywhere. You monitor your property and check on your home at anytime. Special with smart “Security Motion Detection” alert your phone if someone hovers around your house.


A smart home security system. HomePolice is your most loyal doorman, monitor the status of doors/windows 7×24 hours. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected.

Moskitron LED

Newest Design Mosquito Killer Device, No Radiation, Non-Toxic, Easy to Use, USB Powered Device. Moskitron LED will stop mosquito from biting and spreading diseases at your place.

WaterBOOM 360

Take music with you everywhere with the Portable Bluetooth Speaker WaterBOOM 360. It can gives you the option to answer or reject calls when connected to a smartphone.

SoundPRO Sport

Time to change the way of listening to music by getting yourself the best wireless earphones named SoundPRO Sport. Lightweight and Ergonomic design, these Headphones are the most comfortable you can find.

MoskiX Band

This acoustic bracelet keeps mosquitoes away without harmful chemicals, odors or fumes. Uncomfortable, high-frequency sound waves create a sonic barrier to protect you from mosquito bites.

Roseal CuteBear

It doesn’t matter if you find yourself stuck when it comes to buying a romantic gift or just want to show someone how much you care about them, this will be the most creative gift for your loved ones in 2020.


A great choice for hikers, adventurers or constructor who need a pretty much unbreakable phone. With a rugged all-round phone you to swim, climb, and go to the beach without worrying about it affecting phone performance.

Xone Phone

A fresh breeze on the global smartphone market that offers a great combination of premium quality and a decent price. Doesn’t matter what are your preferences, Xone Phone is finally here to bring a top-notch experience on a budget!


A super-high quality earphones at an affordable price. Small and compact, these tiny powerhouses will change the way you listen to music forever. Experience the Unlimited Freedom Without Disconnecting.


Summer may be a beautiful season, but long hot days in the heat can become a nightmare. CoolAir is a new personal air cooler revolutionary invention that can provide immediate relief against hot summer days.

GX SmartWatch

Did you know that insufficient physical activity is actually one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide? This revolutionary device is here to change your whole wellness routine! It’s classically styled for men.

WildSurvive Pro

You never know what awaits you once you step into the wilderness, WildSurvive Pro is the right tools prepared for any kind of situation. This is an impressive outdoor survival kit that will keep you ready to face anything that comes your way!

iWater Deluxe

iWatter Deluxe is the world’s most intelligent automatic water-saving tap solution. Upgrade your ordinary tap to the next automation level with motion sensors. Small, convenient and save you money!


Dogs are great, but they are much better when they are trained properly. Designed by a brilliant ex-military dog trainer, BarXStop is a totally non-violent pet training device and it’s kind of like a focused dog whistle.


If you are one of the many people who are not happy with their watch and want to see what an advanced timepiece can do for you, this excellent watch uses the latest technology to give you convenient features on your wrist.


These Revolutionary Glasses make it safe to drive at night as you would normally with the ultimate night vision aid. Enjoy what a difference this technology can make for you, safer life and less stress!


LightSafeX – the only flashlight you’ll ever need. Always be ready for any emergency with your solar-charged multi-functional flashlight. It comes with a seat belt slicer or a cutter, in case you have any roadside emergencies.

LB Smart-Wallet

With the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet, that worry is a thing of the past. Slick, smart and stylish and the wallet’s tracking system allows you to quickly locate the lost wallet. – exactly what you need when it comes to keeping your money safe.


This compact, eco-friendly personal air cooler that pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to humidify while it cools! Fresh-R™ cools, humidifies, and cleans the dust particles for better air!


If you’re fed up of disappointing experiences with canned beer but tired of being overcharged in bars and clubs, the BeerBubbler ultrasonic beer foamer and dispenser is just what you’re looking for.


Award Winning – Best Air Cooler is this 3 in 1 Air Cooler Humidifier: compact, inexpensive, low energy consumption and silent. Over million users are enjoying the cleanest and cheapest cool air they’ve ever breathed in their homes.

Easy WaxOff

An easy and safe Gadget for ear cleaning. Easy waxoff is a very portable pen-like device quickly absorbs dirt inside the ear by the soft spiral end which is made in such a way as to avoid injuries to the ear unlike other mechanical wax removers out there.

CoolFeel Max

Always cool with the Coolfeel Max portable neck fan with triple speeds. It is the new portable neck fan specially designed to avoid the intense summer heat. It can be used anywhere, and provides a very pleasant feeling of instant freshness.

Eyebrow Master

Instantly forget about thin Eyebrows with high quality Set of 4 Colors Eyebrows contouring forked tip pens. It is made of soft and smooth Brushes for perfect results. Waterproof and sweat proof , it can keep 12 hours Long Lasting Tint.

Veggie Master

You never need to switch stainless steel blades, chop up vegetables, nuts, & fruits, quickly and easily. With every slap, the finer the food gets, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by this vegetables Chopper.

Vacuumer Max

This device has all the features needed for a great vacuum sealer, that automatically vacuums food for healthy storage. Instantly vacuum with a powerful pump with universal fit hose for all kinds of packages.

SelfCam Pro

One of the few gadgets that really useful for people who create content using their smartphones or have to take pictures from a wider angle. This is a 2 in 1 device that helps in many ways to get better quality pictures & videos.


Most people don’t realize that one can receive HD TV channels 100% for free. LiveWave ™ allows you to receive these free channels by turning your home’s electrical system into a very large antenna- and it’s 100% legal! Stop wasting your money on expensive TV bills !

Solar sensor light

The new wireless solar-powered light that turns on at night with motion sensor technology. The ultimate lighting solution for all areas of your home & office, built-in 12 ft motion sensors turn on the light as you approach and then automatically dims it when you walk away.

Cavalier Essentials

The ultimate men’s grooming tool, designed for people who want to cut their own hair. Powered by a heavy-duty motor that ensures snag-free cutting and since it’s paired with Q-SUS low-noise technology, cutting hair won’t sound like mowing the lawn.

Interlocking Hearts Necklaces

Two hearts embellished with Cubic Zirconia stones, interlocked together as a symbol of never-ending love. Made of high quality polished surgical steel, cable chain measures 18″ with a 4″ extension & fastens with a lobster clasp.


A high-quality multi-functional mask that gives you ultimate protection from sun, the comforts of wearing a breathable mask, and simply a long-lasting adventure companion. We’re certain that you’ll fall in love with this product!

The Stylr

Straight, curly or wavy within SECONDS, the Stylr will give you gorgeous hair anywhere. With no wires, throw the STYLR™ Cordless Hair Styler in your gym bag, carry-on, or purse for touch-ups wherever life takes you.

ScratchUndo Pro

Say Goodbye to the annoying car scratches with this simple gel pen, ScratchUndo Pro will fills all the scratches present on the body of a vehicle no matter the car type or color.

TotalTrim Pro

A cordless hair clipper grooming kit that offers get entry to to professional grooming movies as well, teaching users a way to emerge as their very own barber with numerous tutorials.

LiveGuard Pro 

A camera that combines the benefits of both A LED light Bulb and 360-degree security camera into one cool electronic gadget. It’s the best tool for protecting your property.

PetHydro Max

The PetHydro Max acts as a way to both store clean water and allow the pet to drink easily. With the two-sided design, the device acts as both the food and water bowl without having to bring along other components.

Protector Pitch

A self-defense alarm that is safe to handle and can help you escape dangerous situations because of loud audible sound that’s easy to carry and has a long battery lifetime to ensure maximum security in case there is a timely requirement.


The new bra for modern women, It is one of the best strapless bras for girls and women. It has amazing features that make women comfortable while going to work or any other place. Self-Adhesive Y-bra is simple in design and easy to use.