Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen Sensor. Is The Industry’s Best For Getting Into Shape


The most comfortable at home blood pressure monitor, BloodPressureX might be the gadget to save your life.


Monitor your body temperature easily with LiveTemp Pro. Stop spreading and keep your distance with a no-contact temperature reading.


Charcoal Air Purifier Bag For An Healthier Environment. New Purifier Bag For Purifying Living Environment Suitable In Home, Office and Car.


Smart intelligent electronics skill being adopted ensure sits high performance. Touchless, easy to use and effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria.

EcoHeat S 

The revolutionary portable ceramic heater with a sleek, modern design. The adjustable thermostat which makes it the perfect heater for a home or office environment.

SnoreStop Plus

The Natural and Non Invasive Snore Stopper Solution to Ease Breathing and Stop Your Snoring Problems. Another very interesting offer for which is breaking sales records.

AirMoisturize Max 

A Healthy Humidifier For The Whole Family. It is particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu.

RadiationStopper Pro 

Due to the introduction of 5G frequencies, which are believed to have a bad impact on human health. This can prevent headaches from Radiation and improve normal night time sleep.

IOnic Spa Shower

The Ionic Spa Shower with special mineral stones purifies the water and makes your hair and skin look as vibrant as possible. Showers feel warmer and provide more coverage for your body, making the experience remarkably exhilarating.


Whiter, Healthier Teeth With Long-Lasting Results. DiamondSmile the affordable and convenient teeth-whitening solution giving you the best radiant smile ever seen. It has been developed by certified dentists.

Snore Strap 

An anti-snoring chin strap is a device normally made from a flexible fabric or neoprene-type material, it wraps over your head and supports your chin, essentially keeping your mouth closed while you sleep.


SilentSnore is the incredible snore reduction aid. Proven to work, it has been giving partners a good night sleep and improved the breathing of habitual snorers for a long time. SilentSnore is a proven answer to the problem that is snoring


An easy solution to your chronic neck and relaxation problems. Even though the technology is complex and advanced, it’s very simple to use and will save you a lot of pain! NeckMassager is designed to make you feel as good as possible!


If you want a good night’s sleep, we’ve found the most effective and safe solution. It’s a new product called SenseSleep, this Next Generation Memory Foam Adjustable Pillow will help you and make sure you enjoy a restful sleep!

SonicX PRO

Cleaner and Healthier! SonicX PRO Toothbrush delivers up to 45,000 strokes per minute. Efficient for cleaning & whitening your teeth, freshing your mouth and improving gum health 100% better than a manual toothbrush.


Tired of neck pain? Immediate relief, wherever you are! NeckRelax has been designed by specialists with a highly sophisticated ultrasound and infrared technology to treat neck pain with a double massaging effect.

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker 

An innovate product, a sleek & pro fitness tracker that goes far beyond the Gym. Smart-Band Pro Health Monitoring for performance lifestyle that comes with the latest technologies and features that will leave you in awe.


Traveling is not easy especially in an airplane or a car passenger. ErgoRelax gives full support for the upper body that helps you by providing great sleep through the journey. Enjoy traveling with this comfortable, revolutionary design travel pillow.


New EMS invention gives hope to all those suffering from chronic snoring. This Smart Anti-Snoring Muscle Stimulation Device applied with the latest Anti-Snoring electronic muscle stimulation technology, with SmartPhone tracking app.

ZenMind XP

Newest design eye massage mask for complete eye relaxation and better blood circulation. Within minutes of using it you will feel relaxed as the stress fades away. You can also try the Bluetooth speaker to listen to music that helps you create a soothing environment


Utilizes Thermo-Pulse Technology that delivers heat and vibration to the affected area increasing circulation and localized blood flow. BiteEraser is drug and chemical free and work on neutralizing itch and irritation caused by insect stings and bites.


The first and only brand that offers Dual Lens Technology, ProperFocus glasses adjust to your eyesight that enables you to focus on objects at any distance without having to switch glasses. Our unique and patented technology is here to satisfy all wearers of spectacles.

uSmile Pro

The latest innovation in dental technology, quicker, automatic, and more efficient. The uSmile Pro features gives optimal pressure and the perfect angle to clean every tooth evenly, including the hard-to-reach areas, and along the gum line.

HairRevit Pro

A hair loss treatment that uses red light therapy to stimulate growth with just 10 minutes per day. This low level light technology improves oil production, keeping hair healthy and thick.

Handsan Wrist

An easy portable hands sanitizer gadget that happens to be cool and useful at the same time. It is a device that can be worn around the wrist just like the spiderman wears his web dispenser.

MuscleRelax Pro

MuscleRelax Pro can help the user relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood pressure, improve the overall health of the body’s soft tissues, moreover, it can prevent fascitis.